Still the most asked Question - Why do you run?

I had never thought of running for office, even at a state level, until I watched the campaigns during the 2016 elections and their outcomes. I have been a lifelong Democrat and I have typically voted for Democratic candidates in prior elections; but after the last presidential election I realized that, we the people, need to find common ground on issues. I feel compelled to represent regular people, who for so long haven't had a seat at the table. People who have to work two and three jobs just to make ends meet, who because of these long hours rarely get the opportunity to even vote. People who may never see this blog, because they can’t afford the internet or are just plain worn out, due to overwork, and are too tired to  “get into it”. I get it.


Regardless of which party we identify with or where we align ourselves on a particular issue, if we do not find common ground to begin a discussion of  solutions, we will end up being bogged down in arguments with each other instead of working together to improve our country for all of us, including those sidelined due to income or opportunity. I was... no, I am still one of those people. The only reason I can run now is because I'm using my entire savings to do this, to get a seat at the table. A lifetime of setting aside a few dollars a week working in various jobs, Retail Worker, Caregiver for the Developmentally Disabled, Restaurant Worker, Housekeeper, Bookkeeper, and Tax Preparer, all while continuing my education, as I was able to financially. So if you’re struggling. I get it. I attended my first candidate forum last week and I realized that I was the only POC, Veteran, and extremely likely the only person who would still be considered “low income”. Because of these factors, I realized the current seat at the table I have may be short lived. But while I’m here, I will speak for the sidelined. I had to take the chance for those, whose voices are often overlooked, and very often discarded.


The only way we can move forward is to find the political center in our current maelstrom of government and politics; and return the representation of the people in this country back to them, instead of allowing a small number of high dollar donors and lobbying groups to have undue influence on the people elected. Those Representatives sent to D.C.,  work for all of us. We must return back to the original ideal of civil discourse within Congress, instead of obstructionism and lack of action from the most powerful of the three branches of our government.


Although I am a Democrat, and my private opinions on issues tend to align with the policies of my party, I also understand and respect the opinions and viewpoints of reasonable conservatives. If elected to represent Michigan’s 6th district I will not go to Washington, D.C. to push my own opinions on issues; I intend to work to benefit all the residents in my district. Regardless of their political affiliation or if they voted for me during the election. We must come together as Americans, and restore our democracy, in a way that allows all people from all backgrounds to share equitably in our public discourse, our individual rights, and the prosperity which was bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers. We must resist temptation to allow demagogues to use our ideals against us, by sowing hate, discontent and discord among the good people of my district and America as a whole.




"Issues" blogs coming shortly


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